Woven Wire plus Electric Tape. Good combo?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by firelight27, May 1, 2009.

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    I am setting up a new area for my goat (soon to be goats, don't worry!) She does alright where she is at, but I want to put her in a small paddock full of grass/weeds. The front half is woven wire fencing, and the back half is barbed wire. I planned on putting woven wire up over the barbed wire in the back, and then putting a strand of electric tape halfway up the fence. She managed to climb a four foot section of woven wire the other day and dump herself over the other side. If she puts her feet up on the fence and touches her nose to the electric wire, do you think it will deter her enough to prevent her from climbing over the fence? I am so paranoid about my animals getting out because we live on a busy highway and I already had a casualty with one of my poor puppy dogs (RIP Mickey). I've also had a little trouble keeping my yearling thoroughbreds from leaping into neighboring pastures even with tall fencing (though that is now completely fixed with electric tape. They won't even go near the fence line anymore.)

    Just wondered how effective it would be with goats. She is a tiny Nigerian Dwarf. I figured she has to be climbing to get over, and if she is met halfway up and gets shocked, the only way to get away from the shock is back the way she came, not continue scrambling over while continuing to get zapped. (How we kept our escape artist dog in our yard at our last house. She could climb any height of fencing.)
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    That should be enough, if you have a good charger. Put one about chest height for her and maybe another about twelve inches above that one. It shouuld keep her off it.

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    I haven't tried this yet but I think it is a good idea and I will do this when I need to. That is to train your goat to the electric fence by putting a small piece of tin foil over the hot wire and smearing it with a bit of molasses (before you put it on the hot wire!). When she touches it with her moist nose or licks it she will get a good shock that she shouldn't forget. A problem will arise if she hits the wire with her chest, and if the ground /grass is dry, and the shock she gets isn't memorable or much of a deterrent. The training method may sound extreme but it won't be as bad as her ignoring or running through the fence and getting hurt.

    I accidently got zapped with over 7,000 volts or ohms or joules or whatever the other day, as tested by our fence charge tester. Believe me, I won't ever let that happen again. And I'm not that much worse for the wear!
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    Hmm...Bee Lady, Wonder if that trick would "foil" my bucks attempts at the fence? My girls learned VERY fast but my boys go right through it...I think it's the fact that they have much more hair than the does, they aren't feeling the jolt.

    Firelight....With my does what I did was tie orange surveyors tape to the top and middle wires...they then saw the fence and got curious, needless to say they don't get too close to the fence anymore....Iwould try Bee Lady's suggestion though...at different boundaries so that she knows it will bite.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    beelady my mom said to do something like that too to teach them that it is hot otherwise they wont know.

    I have a fence jumper - had to sell her (complicated) well the new home only had splitrail fence or so I thought. But it actualy had two strands of hotwire. one 6 inches off the ground and 1 chest/face high. It took 3 tries of her trying to go through the fence and she never ever tried again. What i did was hold the leash loosely (didnt want her to get away if she did go through) and she explored.. touched the one near the ground wtih her nose, jumped back, tried her legs on the bottom rail and touched the top wire... jump back.... etc. The new owners said she stays in now.
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    in my (somewhat limited) experience the hot wire works great! We didn't have to train the goats, they trained themselves. they kept reaching through the fence to get at those identical looking but much tastier ones on the outside of the fence and zapped themselves a couple of times on the wire that keeps the dogs from digging in. Needless to say, they won't even go near the fence that we put up now, and its just 4 strands of electric. I would say they learned their lesson...lol.
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    I have hot wire around my bucks and does. The bucks have a five foot tal seven line fence and the does have a four foot high five line fence. The biggest thing is you gotta keep the fence from grounding out. If your fence is grounded they will figure it out.
    Personally i like the gallagher turbo braid over the tape. The wire in the tape is much smaller gage as well as only going horizontal, so when one of those small wire breaks that whole line is going to go down and not work. With the turbo braid the wires are both horizontal and vertical so they cross over eachother. So if one of those little wires breaks it will pick up the charge a few inches down the line. Its a little harder to see then the tape but with a woven wire fence behind it you should be fine.