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(pics below)

I have a few bucklings available out of Izzie (MCH/CH HeatherWood Princes Pansy x Avolino Farm TLF Kazu *S [Rosasharn lines]).

Izzie is a 2YO FF and in the pic she was tied up and not liking it but is 12hrs and 40 DIM, dam raising.

The next pic is of the sire Pax (+B/+S DF Farms HD Barney Rubble x DesertNanny Icy Blue Mama Mia 3*D 2*M top 10 2012 1 day milk test)

Followed by one of the boys who is full of personality. My picture taker left for college. As soon as she comes home for a weekend I'll get these boys stacked and take pics. I'll have a better pic of mom this weekend (State Fair). But I think all the website pics will give you a good idea about these boys.

You can see what udder pics I have and more of the boys on the website at We do ship Nationwide. Typically it's $240 to ship kids out of Denver. Each boy sells for $350.

Please email me or PM if you have questions. I'm not much on here during the summer.

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