WTB a show qauilty pb registered nubian doe around Missouri

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    Oct 8, 2007
    I have decided to sell 3 of my girls since they are not a show quality. My daughter been begging me to start showing the goats with her since she got ND. So I got 2 bucks from Hoanbu. So I better do something and have fun with my daughter together (mind you she is only daughter I have.) Anyways I am looking for a doe that is a show qauilty and is registered and is pb nubian. I would like to get a doe that I can breed this fall because I need the milk too for us to use too. I can travel or if you know anyone will travel thru to Missouri. I have paypal to pay the goat or whatever. As long it is in Missouri or around Missouri or by Missouri. I want is G6S normal and CAE and CL negative and no CL at all too. Thank you so much! Just text me because I dont check on the computer lately. Here is my number to text only is 314 808 1591. Thank u so much!!!!