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    Apr 2, 2010
    Anderson, California
    I’m looking to purchase 20 to 30 ready to breed, already breed or kidded nannies.

    I’m looking for the following in the goats they don’t need to have all the items or things listed the one major thing they have to have is they must look like Boer goats.

    Looking for nannies that have easy multiple births that don’t require assistance
    Looking for doeling’s that come from mothers that have multiple births and don’t require assistance.

    Looking for nannies that raise there young with out assistance or doeling’s that come from mothers with good mothering instincts

    Looking for animal that can longer on hoof trimmings we all have these some that need it every week and others that can go months I’m looking for the ones that can go for months.

    Looking for animal that have a high weight gain on grass only

    Looking for animals that don’t get sick often or in need medical treatment.

    I’m not looking for show goats or pretty goats but goats that can perform and give good offspring for herd improvement and auction sales for meat.

    The goats will be set into a production method on pasture rotation they will be culled heavy if they don’t perform they will be breed to full blood bucks and just because I want them to have hardness I will not let a sick animal go with out medical attention.

    The reason I’m looking for the above items in the animal’s is the less I have to attend to them the less money or time I have to put into them they need to be able to do there thing as I work on my think this after all is an attempt to make a little cash.