x-mas in June

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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Ever since we desided to train a goat to pul a cart I have been very excited about it. I have look all over for info on trainign one. Even talked to a few trainers on-line by email, chat and also a couple of forums.

    It is right now 3 am in the morning and it feels liek x-mas day. Today I get my big boy. I feel like a kid wiaten for 6 am on x-mas morning because my parent would not get up before then. All excited. Man what is up with me. Can not sleep. Will be posting pictures of him as soon as I get home from getting him and playign with him and all that good stuff. I have his collar and lead all ready to go and also a few treats for a long the way.

    The lady would like us to also buy a little brown nubian to go a long with Eiestein. I might talk my boss into him. Maybe have a back up or two goats that pull cart. Also going tobe training Eienie to also be a pack animal.

    Merry x-mas in June people. Please we do not need to snow.
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    I know that feeling! I am like that before every show I have. And yes we Don't need snow! we are still having temps i the 50's and 40's at night. This summer weather just dosnt seem to want to come our way!

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    Oct 26, 2008
    get the second wether and you can train them to pull as a pair! :greengrin:
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    That is very exciting.....can't wait for pics.......... :leap: