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    I got you when I did a job in New york. You where injored from your brothers. I had never seen a bird like you before. You white feathers where so beautiful and you seem to know I feel in love with you from the start. You breed was a white phoenix tail chicken. I still have a few of your tail feathers. Last time I saw you I pick you up and said good bye. You rub up against my cheek before I put you back in your pen and gave you extra feed. I am going to miss you. No more crowing in the morning before I feed you. No more dancen in front of your door to impacent to get your nightly feed. I will keep your tail feathers. Two of them have already turned into a hair piece for me to dance with in the pow wow circle. The other on my mantle. You will nto be forgoten Yang. To some you where just a chicken but to me where a funny little guy that thought he could take on the world.
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    I am so ...very sorry ....about Yang... my heart goes out to you.... :( :hug:

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    I'm so sorry about Yang!! :( :(