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Well it just seems to not be my day i guess i should of just stayed in bed. LOl
I just went down to feed, the really dold weather must of gotten to me. I ended up having a kid that had managed to get herself through the fence and get her collar rapped around it those plastic link collrs just don't break, finally got it off of her and she was so scared she ran from me. So then i spend i don't know how long trying to catch a scared kid, tfinally got her to come with me. Fed chrome and little bit, little bit decided her dinner wasn't good enough all she wasnted with the beet pulp. so i went to put her back, usually she gets done after chrome, juju comes out after chrome, so sinse little bit went back first juju automatically thought it was her turn, so then im trying to keep her from getting out while little bit is putting the breaks on cause she doesn't want to go back in. And in the meantime ruby sees little bit coming back in so she knows its her turn so im trying to push one in while i have two bulldozers comeing at me. I finally get everyone where they are suposed to be and i start having an asthma attack! oh look no inhaler i can't scream for help because i can't breathe so i basically heaved my way back up to the house so i can get it and catch my breath. In the meantime i was so concerned with breathng i left chrome on the milk stand so she is screaming her head off because i left her by herself...
Ah geez i guess we all have these days huh?
I can breathe now and i got everyone fed.
Happy goating everyone!
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