You know you live on a farm when...

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    You know you live on a farm when you go to sleep early because you value sleep more than anything. And you can’t wait for it to be spring and green things to start growing again. You know you live on a farm when you hate rain because it will give your animals more parasites, and you shake your head when you see people’s large wide open properties with absolutely no livestock on it. And when you're out walking and you see a hillside full of black berry or grass or honeysuckle and you say to yourself “Man my goats would have a feast!”. And you stop hating weeds and tall grass. And start hating rhododendron and poisonous plant. You know you live on a farm when your favorite clothes are the ones you’re most comfortable working in. And your hair is two shades lighter than it used to be from all the sun you get, and your hands have caluses from the shovels and bucket handles. And you rejoice when your compost is hot and steaming in the night when you go out to put your animals in after dark. And you are fit and healthy and at peace because you just had a full day of work, and now you are coming in to eat a meal where the food you’re eating was mostly grown and produced on your own land.
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    You know you live on a farm when you get upset with your husband for making himself coffee and not the baby's milk bottle and making her a happy goat.:bonk:
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    You know you live on a farm when the kid and your kid watch the sunset

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    I want a rooster crowing ring tone or alarm on my phone and also a few goats bleating too! Anyone have those?
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    I have a ring tone that sounds like a sheep. (No one knows the difference), but if it goes off in the barn, I don't notice it among the cacophony of goat voices! (I never carry my cell phone, it sits near the door and is basically a dust collector!)
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    I have a Lion's roar for a ringtone. The animals stop and stare for a few seconds and tgen ignore me again.
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