You know you live on a farm when...

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    Apr 9, 2011
    I love that. We lived in Hawaii and our boys really hated wearing shoes. I would try to make sure they wore them to school but they would often leave them there. One day I got a note asking me to, *make sure your child wears shoes to school.* I replied with, *Please make sure my sons come home with shoes.*
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    Jun 20, 2011
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    You know you live on a farm (and have livestock) when you just gave Bo-Se and Vit. B complex injections and stuck the syringes with capped needles, in the headband to your head lamp that you wear to look in water buckets before filling. (Suicidal mice, don't ya know!) Then forgot about it and ran to the groc. store in the nearest town.

    I actually had clean clothes on, no buck smell. So why are these people looking at me so weird? One syringe by each ear. I noticed it when I got ready for bed! (Headlamp and syringes, pretty strange looking, for sure!) Note to self: remove used syringes before heading to the groc store.


  3. luvmyherd

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    Apr 9, 2011
    That is hysterical!!
    One time I was taking my daughter-in-law to get some blood work after I had done chores. I sat down and saw that I had forgotten to roll down one of my pants legs. I (very nonchalantly) reached down and unrolled it and out came a pile of straw and a few *nanny berries*! The best I could do was brush it all under the chair.:hide:
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    When you tell guests to park part way down the drive.... cause you have a herd of uncaring turkeys that will mob a vehicle and sunbathe atop it in twenty seconds flat!
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