Young doe being very weird? (Not sure if pregnant?)

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by MoonshineAcres-Boers, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Dec 3, 2012
    I've been trying to breed my purebred Boer doe for the past month. She came into heat back on November 11 she stayed in with the buck until the 12, some action. Them she seemed to be in heat that next weekend, Nov 17 so we put her in again and got mounted quite a bit. But she is smaller and the buck is very heavy. So she wiggles and he kinda falls off. We have to hold her still. She stayed in until the 18 and on the 18 we put another doe (that was in a strong heat) in too. The buck LIKED her. My doe got jealous and pushed in between the two of them, even though he was no longer interested in her.
    We thought she was pregnant but on the 15, when we had another doe (a strange doe from outside just coming into breed) come into heat and the buck was all over her. Then she was yelling and flagging a little (like ...she does when she's in heat) so we put her in with him. He mounted her three times but she was wiggling but the whole time, even when we first put her in the pen, all she wanted to do was beat up the strange doe. She chased her around and the buck chased them. Too be sure we put the strange doe in a separate pen and then she kinda payed attention to the buck, she let him mount her once but the other times I had to hold her. (This buck is known for mounting does many many times)
    He wasn't talking to her or visa versa like the first two times she was in heat with him. She wasn't nibbling at him like before and he wasn't either. Could she have just been in a "teaser/fake heat"? I don't think he ever sniffed her pee or anything. It is her first time (she's only a year and a 1/2) could she be confused? If it was a "fake heat" would she/ could she still do that if she was pregnant?
    I'm confused I really want her bred. /:
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    sounds like she could have been jealous and he was mounting her but she wasn't really in heat the last time. I would record all the dates.

    I suspect the 2nd time she stood was the true heat. I have seen a doe stand and then restand 5 days to a week later. No for sure way of knowing she got bred any of those times. Other than wait and see or have a pregnancy test done in 4 to 6 weeks, by having blood drawn. We keep our does with our bucks, so I dont' have a lot of experience pen breeding like you are talkign about. But I do have an aggresive breeder and I know a young doe may not fight to get away, even if she isn't in heat.

    Also with the size difference that may not be helping. I have been trying to breed a 8 month old doe to a boer buck and he is just a little too tall for her, and she has come back into heat 3 times know(every 20 days), I have seen him breed her every time, but she struggles to hold him up. I dont think things are getting in the right place. She doesn't seem to mind, but she wobbles around a quite a bit. I dont' like summer kids, so I pulled the buck out for the year and we will just see what happens. She will be due in april if she took the last time he bred her.
    Good luck with yours, I feel your frustration. It is expensive to feed them and for them not to kid for the year.

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    Dec 3, 2012
    Thank you!!
    This pregnancy blood test, I've heard of it, yes. Have you ever had it done? Is it expensive?
    (I really need her bred, I'd be willing to pay if the blood test isn't too expensive!)
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    Oct 15, 2012
    If you pull the blood yourself you can send it to and they will test it for you and send you the results its 6.50 per test.
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    Dec 3, 2012
    Oh ok! I think I can do that! Thank you much![​IMG]