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Okay, I have seen so many people say "I'm glad this thread was brought up!" When somebody asks about good bloodlines in a certain breed. (Like some foundation lines, that have been doing it for years) So I thought I'd start a thread up asking what bloodlines you prefer on this thread, for any breed. I'm just doing Nubian and Alpine. You can list what you admire and also what you have. :) Thought this would be fun. Also a great place for people to ask about breeders close to them.


What I like:
SOME Willow-Run,
some Lakeshores
Some Cream-of-Kansas

What I have:
Goldthwaite, Willow-Run, Ladies-Blue, and Crown-Hill in the imediate pedigree. Hallcienda and Amberwood a little bit back. Hope to re-introduce Hallecienda Frosty Marvin back into the herd.

Sand Dance
Munchin' Hill
Some Willow-Run
Some Nodaway

What I have:
Sand Dance, Nodaway, Patsys*Pride, Lighthouse Acres, Cream-of-Kansas, Oak Acres, and Mt. Pleasure.
Hoping to concentrate mostly on Sand-Dance, I just love everything I have seen of theirs.

Of course, these breeds have been discussed so it's nothing new. I don't know a whole lot about other breeds.
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