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Yes, chicks are fragile; but chicks are also known to carry salmonella, so hand washing after handling is important - but since our business is a traveling petting zoo, we tell everyone that you should wash your hands after touching ANY animal. I personally don't handle my chicks much because the kids in the petting zoo handle them - well, they pet them - I do not allow picking up of any of the animals. Also, a friendly rooster will be the same as a friendly ram or buck - when the hormones kick in, you can have a terror in your backyard. I had a lady give me 3 roosters yesterday because she just had too many of them. I'll be taking them to a livestock sale on Monday if I don't find homes for them before that. Two are cochin roosters and are sweethearts. The other one is a terror - and she had warned me, but I thought he was fine in his new pen by himself - wrong! until feeding time and I now have two cuts on my arm from his attack. Can't wait for Monday for him to leave!
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