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Your set-up

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Hey ya'll!! My husband and I are going to be building our farm; I am looking for ideas and layouts; Please post your pics, ideas and suggestions! I would like to get a small flock of ducks and geese, and of course need a great goat set up, I just don't know exactly where to start. I would love ideas of what you would re-do or change or what you would love to build! Also, if you guys have a good resource of pics/designs of barns/corrals/animal pen set up-s, please let me know~~ Thanks in advance!!!:D
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I don't have a good set up at all. I started with a small shelter and then added on to it. Doesn't look nice at all. I would suggest you build your barn as big as you can afford. You can always find use for the extra space.
I am very pleased with the Premier electric netting fence I'm using around my goats. I don't have a dog, so keeping predators out is very important. I do worry about the babies if they ever got caught in it, but I introduced them to it under close supervision and they seemed to learn very quickly. I use a solar-powered electric box so the fence can be moved anywhere. I've got four 100-foot lengths of fence for a 100' x 100' enclosure. We have some portable shelters inside the fence. Right now I've penned the goats up in the scrub oak so they can work on fire mitigation for me. We have loads of bears and coyotes in our neck of the woods, and the fence has kept them out very well.
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