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    Aug 25, 2008
    Northern Indiana some know I have been dealing with cocci here, as I brought a buckling home that was full and had very bad cough and white snotty nose a month ago and was treated with antibiotics, Corid and then Albon! Well, as of this week we are still dealing with cooci counts (10-14) being a little high so vet has me top dressing grain with Deccox for the next 2 months to try and clear it out of here. Bones and Murphy still has a cough, I did fecals on all 4 goats this week and everyone looked clear except for the little ones with cocci counts high, but no worm eggs, goats are also in seperate pens and today hubby and I went out with my new little handy dandy Famacha Card that I recieved this week from taking the training course and the little ones lids were a bit pale, so I went and bought injectable Ivomec and dosed them with it.....I just keep thinking maybe lung worms......neither little guy has fever....they are eating fine, drinking playing.....but cough like crazy at times, I noticed they cough more first thing in the morning and after playing hard or when we pick them up to get temp. They have had clumpy berries today, I figured due to the Deccox being added to the grain. One other thing, I can not get them out of the barn.....they love their barn, which I know is not the healthiest for them......I am completely cleaning out their pen every day trying to keep it as healthy as possible! Today I moved some hay and water outside to try and coax them worked for a while, but as soon as I went to the house and they could no longer see me within their sight, inside they went!
    Anyway, my vet keeps telling me that the cough could be a lingering effect from the congestion they had and that it will take time for their tracheas to heal.......but I just wonder? I would love some of your thoughts on all this. :hair:
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    that could be true... it does take time... for it to heal... if they have had for a long period of time..... I pray that the cocci gets under control soon....that has to be a nightmare..... :hug: :( :pray:

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    My Momma used to run me out of the house whenever I developed a cold cuz she figured the fresh air and sunshine would do me some good! Or maybe she wanted some privacy? Hmmmmmm......... Nail a piece of plywood over the barn door and make them critters go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine! It will help them more than hurt and it might help them get over the cocci, which may be brought on by being confined in the same space constantly. You can't clean everything well enough to get rid of it all. Have you given them any probios or calf pac? Some thing to get their rumen back in operation? I think you may have to play the sherriff in this situation and forcibly evict them from the barn and make them go outside and be a goat, not a barn baby! ;>)
    Fred V.
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    Thanks Pam.....yes, this whole cocci is getting very old! We are getting ready to fence in a bigger pasture area and rotate the 3 fenced areas.......but it takes money for the fencing, so I have to wait a bit longer :( !

    Fred....hello fellow Texan, I actually grew up the the DFW area......I know exactly where Buffalo is, we use to pass the sign for it when going to Houston to visit family. I have been in northern Indiana for about 5yrs......I love it up here. Most of my family still lives down there. I think you may be right about the whole barn would think they would want to be outside. I think I may have contributed to their love of the barn, since they came home I have let them have the run of it when I'm out there doing chores and they love it......they play on hubbies flatbed trailer and brush hog platform. It was still a bit cold when I brought them home and little Bones was running a fever and sick, so I let them play in the barn :doh: !