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    I have a situation i would like some input on. Several years ago i sold two does to a family. One was a bred doe, bred to my buck buster. I sold her at a bred doe price. The other doe i sold at a lesser price with the garuntee of a doe kids back. I chose the buck of which the second doe was bred and I had her bred while she was still in my posession.
    The first doe had twin bucks. This doe is alright but not of buck keeping quality. I clearly stated that i would not sign a service memo for the people to register the kids. i didnt want them under my herd name. At the time the people seemed fine with thios. I explained to them why i didnt want the kids registered and used as breeding bucks. i grt a call from a friend of mine. telling me that she found a doe i had sold several years ago. A doe named solo. The lady had called my friend looking for a buck. Mentioned the only buck she was able to find was solos full brother. I thought that was funny as i only had solos dam bred to buster one other time before i sold both of them i knew she had had two bucks. So i looked up all the registered animals under my herd name. I do this occasionally but hadnt in a few months as all of my goats are in ID. Sure enough there is a buck who i didnt register under my list of animals. The people had to of forged my signature to get that buck registered.
    And now the other doe who i was suposed to get the kid out of. I got the kid out of. I got the kid, but at the time they were still working on tattos which sinse that doe was born on their farm i had to have. I said they could send the form in the mail....its been three years and i still havnt received that paper. So i have a three year old un registered doe.
    What can i do about the buck? i really dont want t abuck of my herd name circulating the state. His dam is not nice enough to be keeping a buck from.
    Should i call ADGA? is there anything i can do?
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    Jun 26, 2008
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    IMO. i'd raise hell. that's unacceptable and i'd bring it up to the ADGA.

    i had a similar situation though not nearly as bad this year. last year i sold a bred brood doe (nigie) to a 4h girl that i know and trust(ed) i said, keep the doe kids, wether the buck kids, and she said okay okay sounds good. the doe kid on february 2nd with a buck-doe set. she kept the doe and the buck, saying she was going to wether him.

    she called me up one day asking if i could find homes for her older doe and the "little boy" who she said she got registered because her dad said she had too many goats (4?) , thinking he was wethered, i said yea of course just make sure you bring all their papers. well we meet. and the buck kid is NOT wethered, and she registered him with 3 associations as a buck!!!!! :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

    so i obviously didn't want his genetics in my herdname, epecially considering his dam's less-than-buckworthy udder and the fact i've yet to see one of his dad's daughters freshen. soo i've been stuck with a buck kid that isnt supposed to be a buck. i was going to get him surgically casterated in a month of two when money allows, but found him in my jr doe pen the other day, which means he's jumping. and considering most of the does in that pen are 6 months or less, and one is his mother. he is going for tacos tomorrow morning.
    harsh, but. i don't deal with jumpers ( it was a 6 foot fence)

    but i do think you should confront these people and the ADGA. something like that could hurt your herd reputation. not to mention the act of forgery

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    Oct 4, 2007
    did they sign anythign with you that she couldnt have any buck kids in your name?

    I would call ADGA and see what they say you can do
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    Oct 6, 2007
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    Yes, contact ADGA. If that buck was positively from the breeding you mentioned where no ligitimate memo was signed, then you should report them. I would also mention this to ADGA about the tattoos on the other doe. I can't stand people who think they can do whatever they want even when they know ahead of time what they are buying. I mean if they wanted bucks so badly out of that doe why didn't they just pet out the twin boys and breed her again and sell the bucks born in her later kiddings in their own herdname. Drives me nuts how cunning people can be. This is why I don't like to sell bred does, but thank goodness I haven't had this problem yet. I'm not really sure what can be done at this point, other than if ADGA possibly revokes the bucks' papers and at this point if he belongs to someone else, it wouldn't affect the people who it should.
  5. KW Farms

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    Jun 21, 2008
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    That is terrible. I would DEFINATELY contact can get in serious trouble for forging someone's name on registration applications!

    Another thing I wanted to mention...when you sell bred does, one thing you can do is have the date of sale BEFORE they are bred so the kids won't be registered with your herd name even if they purchase the doe after she is bred and most buyers(if they have a herd name) don't mind. I know of several breeders who do that...for those reasons exactly.
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    I agree, I would get a hold of the ADGA. That is so not cool. It doesn't matter if they wanted him registered, they forged your signature and that is no different the forging it for a credit card or something. Forged is forged.
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    That is a HUGE no-no!!!! They need to be reported immediately.
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    Well i contacted ADGA today, to file a complaint its $25. And they dont know what will really come of it as the buck is already registed.
    As for the doe kid i can send in the bill of sale that the sent with me in replace of the transfer part of the doe, which is good as then i can get her registered at least.
    Its all a big mess. Thanks for all of your opinions :)
  9. KW Farms

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    Jun 21, 2008
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    Oh..that is so frustrating! I hope ADGA can do something though..that is just not right!
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    Yea all the lady said was the doe was bred in my posession so they did right by putting my herd name on him. Which i knew, they went about registereing him correctly. What im mad about is that there is a buck circulating around washington with my herd name who is not of buck quality.