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  1. There are lots of them out there I am sure. Though a thread on it would be fun. Here is mine.
    Back in the 70's I started with two little Nubian does - couple of days old. One was the most special I have ever had. Tilly - She played with my two little girls all the time. I was taking a small mattress to the dump and it spent the summer in the yard - girls and goats would use it as a trampoline for hours. Tilly and her sister travelled from Colorado to Oregon with us and she loved to travel in the back of the jeep I had. Would back up and sit on the small seat in the back with one of the girls. She went hiking with us - in So. Oregon we had a swimming hole close and she would always come. Would just lay on the bank with the dog while the girls played in the water. She gave me so much milk and and would stand still anywhere for me to milk her. I love all my animals but Tilly has a special place in my heart. One my daughters and I will never forget. Tilly's sister was quiet and rather stay at home - Tilly just wanted to be with us. She was our only goat in her older years - and spent her time in the yard with the dog -we lived where there were so many coyotes it was the only safe place for her.
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    Awww, so sweet. I'm looking forward to reading stories!!

    I've only had my girls since last summer, so I don't have a long range of stories or anything. But my girl Basil is extra special to me. When I got both of them, I was supposed to be getting twins, a doeling and a buckling. Basil was the "buckling" who, when we went to band "him" the next day, we realized he is a she!! Quite a happy surprise, as Basil was free and has turned into my favorite. She was very shy at first and it took a while for me to earn her trust, which I think is why we're bonded closely. She's MY goat. I'm the only person she will approach.

    She's a cuddler and will stand next to me for as long as I'll scratch her. She's protective of me and won't let her sister get scratched by me, and she protects our new "baby" as well. On sunny days my two toddlers and I will go outside and lay on blankets in the yard, and Basil will come lay next to me and rest her head on my back. I absolutely can't wait for her to be a mom and to see how she milks!! [​IMG]

  3. I love animal stories!
    I started with my goats last September. My husband and I had purchased some property in the middle of nowhere to fix up as we could afford then use as vacation/retirement when the time came. Well, we closed and decided not to wait, but to move in. We were given our first two goats, Princess and Daisy by friends. Then I caught the bug and decided to purchase a couple of bred ND does from a good breeder nearby, Cookie and Carina. Carina just doesn't like people much, but she's some milker! Cookie is my lover, my sweet baby who gave me quadruplet doelings. But the one who has me wrapped around his tiny little hoof is Carina's buckling who we named Marshall. He runs to me to be picked up. He is constantly in my lap if I'm seated and he can reach me. And he's a handsome little hunk of love with blue eyes in a black face.
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    Me too! They are just so fun to read. And to do my part I will post one. I can think of so many.......but I guess I will start with getting my first goats.

    Knowing the importance of goats having buddies I had planned to get a 5 month old doeling from Wyoming and then three days later pick up a 3 month old. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive to pick up the 5 month old, who I called Parsley. Very well behaved goaty. She went right into the crate and laid down. She was a quite angel the whole ride. She was calm and sweet at her new home and fell right to eating. I spent the next two days doing work outside to keep her company. She would cry when she was alone, except at night when she seemed to know it was time for her (and me) to sleep. The third day I charged siblings with the job of keeping her company and left with my mom to pick up the 3 month old. My poor mom, little did she know.. To put it shortly, I felt really really uncomfortable picking her up and basically grabbed her and skedaddled it out of there. I am pretty sure the only thing I checked was if she had two teats. Anyway, we got in the car and were blasted! I thought Parsley cried, Parsley didn't know how to cry! This goat had it down! She could blare out the loudest cries at the top of her lungs continuously! The radio didn't have a chance! I tried petting her, talking, treats from carrots to grain (I even tried my sandwich) classical music to rock, nothing soothed her. For the whole 1 1/2 drive she screamed. We finally made it home, thankfully we weren't deaf (my ears might have been ringing), and she meet Parsley and was.....quiet. Peacefully quiet. I named her Strawbaby. Parsley and Strawbaby became great friends and bonded very well. Strawbaby still screamed whenever she saw a human though. This is them with their bunny friend (they lived with two bunnies for a while :) )

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  5. Love to hear all the stories of our goats. What a joy they bring into our lives.
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    aw, Myra is so sweet. I saw that face on her waiting thread and was captured. She seems to do that to people :) Went and looked up all her old threads. Sadly most of the pictures are not there any more. Nice to see some baby pictures here though. :)
  8. I just love her, she's live.