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I've been reading the threads about zinc deficiency and the symptoms, I believe one of them is joint stiffness or creaking of joints, which my one girl has. She also sometimes stands with her hind legs rather close together, I saw that on another list. They don't have any of the other symptoms - hair loss, weight loss or loss of appetite. They get free choice MannaPro mineral, 1 cup each morning of Purina Grower. I gave them a copper bulos a couple weeks ago. Otherwise, very happy and healthy girls!

Anyway, I know one experienced lady on here said she just gives hers a human pill. I finally ordered it, after reading about the different types or coatings, I went with the zinc picolinate. But when I got it, it was a capsule, I wanted to get a tablet so I could just give it to them like I do vitamin C tablets. I give the copper bulos in a banana, I'd think it'd be fine for the zinc, too, right?

BTW, is it lack/low copper or zinc that affects the softness of the coat? Their winter coats are nearly gone, but they feel like a wire brush in some areas. The one girl's neck is soft as heck, but bit rougher everywhere else. Her sister is a bit rougher all over.


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