Sleeping shelf

Sleeping shelf in the goat barn

Sleeping shelf
WillowGem, Sep 21, 2012
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    • nigies4ever
      Such a great idea! I want this someday!
    • SalteyLove
      Two questions! What is the floor material? And is the pallet on the left side wall a hay rack?
    • WillowGem
      @SalteyLove...the floor is sand. And yes, the hay feeder is a modified pallet, mounted on the wall. It really works great!
    • pygmy_lover
      wow! such a great idea! I love it!
    • AzPurpleLady
      How many goats do you have and how old are they? If I did something like that for my pygmies they would eat it. Our new barn that we built for the pygmies is block 4 feet up filled with concrete and rebar given the way they butt their heads against stuff and eat anything wood.
    • WillowGem
      @AzPurpleLady I have two Pygmies and one Nigerian Dwarf. The pygmies are two years old and the Nigerian is one year old. They do chew on the wood in their barn, but haven't done a lot of damage...yet! ;)
    • hzeneroverice
      Hi, We have 4 Nigerian Dwarfs. Last year we built a goat barn with a shelf that is 4'x12' and a balcony above. They prefer to sleep on the highest level. The only problem is with their poo and urine habits, the beds are always covered and soaked. We put rubber mats on the surfaces (to save the plywood) with straw on top, but the clean up is difficult. Does anyone have a suggestion on an easier surface? We thought about replacing with an open decking type of bed, so the urine runs straight through.
    • ginajhnson
      @hzeneroverice I saw you post from back in August about the poop/urine problem. Did you get any responses? I have no idea what to do about mine. Right now I have three does and a tough acting Billy Bob, but we are expecting three babies and I need an easier solution for cleaning.
    • ginajhnson
      @WillowGem Is the sand easier to keep clean? With the urination and all, my hay is hard to clean. Thank you!
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