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How much grain?

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I have three does that were recently bred , one 15 months, and two that are 9 months. I use Purina Goat Chow complete for grain. How much should I be feeding them a day? I know the two younger ones need extra nutrition since they are really still growing their own little bodies, but that feed is so sweet, that I wonder how much is too much? They also get coastal hay daily and all seem healthy and happy-just don't want to over or under feed the grain.
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How much do you feed them now? You have to be careful how much grain they get during pregnancy so the babies don't get too big.

Currently they are getting about one cup in the morning and one at night.
If what I've heard about coastal hay is true, I'm not sure you can over-feed grain with pregnant does - especially 9 month old pregnant does. Any chance you could swap out the coastal for a good grass/alfalfa mix?
I agree with crazy!!! :) hehe. You need to up their quality of hay.

Those 9 month old does were bred to young unless they were powerhouses that had reached the minimum weight so soon. Now not only are they going to be trying to grow themselves but babies as well. Grain should be used as a booster not a mainstay. They need to be getting the bulk of their nutrition from good hay. If you were around here, Id tell you where to buy some straight alfalfa. But I know that its not always easy for people in other areas to get their hands on the good stuff.
Yes, I am currently hunting some good alfalfa and I have found some in a couple of places, but it wasn't very good quality. It has been so hot and dry here. So if anyone knows of a good alfalfa connect in Texas please shoot me a message! Yes, I know the two 9 month olds were too young- we are in process of building a new winter barn for our heifer and some of the lumber was layed up against the buck pen which allowed Red to gangplank his way over the side! We heard him "talking" and found them having a "party". Im hoping that it didn't take, but we will see in a bit if they don't come in. That's why I was asking about how much grain etc because I want to make sure they will be getting enough to sustain them. They are very healthy though and definitely good size, so hopefully if it did we won't have problems!
Thanks for all your advice- I did get some nice alfalfa and am mixing it with their coastal everyday and they LOVE it! I am almost positive that one of the younger little does is preggers although she would only be about four weeks out- because her appetite has just zoomed to mega hungry this last week. She is also gone from being a shy girl to a "I can't get enough loving from you kinda girl", very pronounced change in attitude and so do you think these two younger girls that are only about 9 and 10 months should be getting grain daily? I have heard that does shouldn't even get grain until they are about 60 days out and then only a half cup until they are about 120 days out? They are all certainly very unhappy that they are not getting a full cup morning and night now! :shrug::book:
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